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Sunday, November 26, 2017

NY in a minute!

Hi guys! I'm finally back with a new post, yey! Earlier this year, my brother, sister and I were crazy planning a trip around the east and west coast. Debating on places we wanted to see and where we wanted to eat. Finally about a month ago, our long awaited plan had arrived! We were so excited to travel to places we've never dreamt of going to and most importantly, to get time off work!! Our first stop was NY and I must say, NY was the one place I was most excited to see! We got to spend 5 days in total there and it was such an experience. All I can say about NY is that everything is go go go! New Yorkers don't play around with time! I felt like I got my years cardio workout in those 5 days walking around NY. LOL. But none the less, NY was sooo beautiful! Even though at the end of our trip, we all suffered with blisters on our feet, we felt so accomplished and were thankful to see all the beautiful places. Taking the subway was the most fun! Not being sure of where we were going or if we were taking the right train was the most exhilarating. Google Maps will be your best-friend!

 I love NY, I can't wait to go back and preferably next time, with a good pair of comfy sneakers! Hope you enjoy my small collection of pictures I was able to snap on our adventures around NY!!


This was at the top of my list on the places I wanted to visit! We were there on a Saturday and man was it crowded when we got there! We couldn't get a single shot without someone being right behind us or staring at us waiting for us to be done for their chance to take pictures! I had to beg Paolo (my boyfriend) to come back on Monday at the crack of dawn to get ONE good shot! We did wake up very early that Monday morning and I couldn't be more happy with my shot!

2. Brooklyn Bridge

Visiting DUMBO made it easy for us to see the Brooklyn Bridge at the same time since they are both located around the same area. The Brooklyn Bridge was so beautiful to look at. The weather was so perfect that day! My favorite part was as we walked down towards the end of the bridge, there was a lady selling sliced magoes with lemon and chilli, I HAD TO GET IT. Going to college in the Philippines for 4 years, my all time favorite snack back then was street side green mangoes with soy sauce and salt! What I would do to have one right now! Those mangoes I had at the Brooklyn Bridge were so close to them. YUM. 

3. Grand Central

Grand Central. First thought when I walked inside... this is the place where Lonely Boy saw the love of his life! Gossip Girl fans will know what I mean, lol.

4. Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty. Most iconic monument! Not gonna lie, walking up the stairs to get to the top was the most stressful for all of us and to be honest, not worth it. For all you first timers out there, if you do plan on visiting Lady Liberty, don't climb up to her crown! You get a better view at the bottom! HA, That's what she said! :P

5.  Best Places to Eat / Grab a snack

✔ Jack's Wife Freda -  Wow, does this place know how to do Brunch right! They had the best Cantaloupe juice and everything tasted so fresh! I love this place!
Address: 224 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

✔ Ramen Ya - OMG! Best ramen I have ever tasted in my life! My family and I don't eat pork so it's very hard for us to find good chicken broth ramen, but this one, OH MY GOSH. If you're anywhere near the area, you have to go in and try their ramen! It's the best, hands down.
Address: 181 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014

✔ Cha Cha Matcha - such a cute little cafe to grab a little snack.
      Address: 373 Broome St, New York, NY 10013


 ✔ Refinery Rooftop - such a pretty place for Brunch and very picturesque! 
     Address: 63 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

✔ Sweet Time Desert Cafe - another cute little cafe we happen to pass by. They serve the cutest deserts and the place is sooo adorable!
Address: 171 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014

This was such a fun trip and I can't wait to go back!

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