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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Street Art of Chicago.

Hiii guys! Wow, am I excited for today's blog post! I wanted to post something a little different on my blog but I wasn't sure what. Last week, as Paolo (my ) and I were driving by North Chicago, I noticed a lot of street art and asked him to pull over for us to take some pictures. I went home that day, sat on my bed and grabbed my camera. As I was looking through the pictures, I realized this is what I wanted my new blog post to be! I quickly grabbed my cellphone to go on Pinterest to check on possible locations to find some more street art and I was lucky enough to find a post by Jenn Lake. She dedicated a whole post about Street Art in Chicago and a guide on where to locate them. I was so excited about this and I have her to be thankful for the inspiration. Incase any of you would like to check out her blog, I'll link it at the end of this post! I hope you guys enjoy, it was so fun to take these shots and at the same time explore Chicago for it's true hidden beauty. Chicago is one of my favorite cities and after seeing all of this, I love it even more! I hope this inspires you to take a trip down to this beautiful city. Enjoy!

If you decide to visit any of these locations, please feel free to tag me in your posts! I would love to see your shots as well :)

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Greetings From Chicago

How beautiful is this Street Art?! It's even prettier in person!


Where to find it?

Red and Yellow Zigzag Garage Door

This garage door is located right next to the Greetings from Chicago Art wall. It is right under the EI tracks. Grab the opportunity to take a shot here as well, since both are at the same location!
Where to find it?
Love in Bucktown

This is one of my fav locations! There is actually 3 love walls you can choose from! This is a great background for all you lovebirds who want to take those cute shots. Funny story, when we were taking this, there was a couple right next to us having their prenup shots taken, it was so cute! 


Where to find it?

Cutest art ever! Location is in Bucktown, so if you decide to visit this place, take a trip down to the Love Wall Art as well!

Where to find it? 

Sweet Kicks

Paolo is always behind the camera, it was time we made the switch! :) How cute is he!
Where to find it?

Popsicle Sticks Multi-Colored Wall

For some reason, I wish I had an ice-cream in hand whilst taking this shot. Lol. Beautiful shades located just around the corner of Wicker Park!


Where to find it?
Let's Keep It Professional

We struggled taking this shot because of it's location. It was right under a bridge and a
lot of cars kept passing by. Other than that, the art is so beautiful!

Where to find it?

Play Me Something Sweet

Our last location for the day! The sun was going down but still managed to take a good shot! Gorgeous mural at Wrigleyville.

Where to find it?

It Takes Two To Yarn

Cutie :)

Where to find it?

Tug of War

Last shot of the day! Located right around the corner of W Byron Street. There is a bunch of wall art around as well!

Where to find it?

That's it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading and looking through all the pictures. There are many more street art around Chicago and I have yet to visit all of them! Be sure to tag me in your shots if you'd like! Until next time, love you guys!

Be sure to check out Jenn's blog below as well to get more inspiration on where to visit!




  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post! Thank you for tagging the Wall Guide - your photos turned out so well. Love it!

    1. Omg, I loved your post!! Thanks for saying that, it means a lot! <3


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