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Monday, April 25, 2016

Philippines 2016.

Hi guys! I'm finally posting a blog about my trip to the Philippines. It took me so long to put this up, I have no idea why. But anyway, here it is!! My family and I were there for about 2 weeks. I loved every minute of it. We stayed in Manila for a couple of days then flew to my mom's home town, Bacolod. Bacolod is my favorite city in the Philippines! I took up college there for 4 years and it was the best 4 years of my life. Going back there is always an exciting experience for me, I get to see some of the best friends I have until today, I get to eat food that I've missed and I get to just reminisce how life was years ago and how much has changed! I've said it a million times but Bacolod is always ALWAYS going to be my favorite place to visit! I am very grateful for always having the opportunity to travel back there. Hope you enjoy the pictures down below of our adventures. Here's to many more!

We all know by now how much my sister loves watching concerts. This year she got us tickets to watch 5 Seconds of Summer, it was such a fun concert and I promised myself not to take " a lot " of pictures and to just enjoy the moment as it is. 

Look at that crowd though! :)

A trip to the Philippines is never complete without some boba! :P

We found this cute place for breakfast but I wasn't a big fan of the service. The waffles were pretty bomb though. :P

Loved this day!

We took a trip down to a ranch called Bantug, it was our second time there and it has drastically changed from the last time we visited! So much more beautiful this time around. :)

I honestly forgot the name of this horse, but she/he was friendly! Hehe.

Go Karting is one of our favorite things to do despite the " I'm about to shit my pants " face Kim had on. Haha. I love you, Kim! :)

I have a big fear of heights so this day was a milestone for me! Campuestohan is a great holiday stop for families. :)

This rope course was no joke, it was a whole body workout!  

It was a pretty hot day too!

G.N.O.!! Let's be real, for us, it stands for Grannies Night Out. Lol! We can't stay up past 12, when that clock hits midnight, it's time for us to hit the sack! Am I right ladies? Hehe.

Our last full day in Bacolod we took the chance to just walk around Lacson St. and take a few shots in some cool (but very dirty) places. Hehe

I love my Banans!


I wasn't kidding when I said it was "very" dirty. Hehe. There was literally a point when we were taking our shots, that we spotted a dead rat, I swear to you I'm not lying! Behind every great picture is a story. This just happens to be a trashy one. ;)

We love you, Kimmy! :)

How beautiful is my sister though!! :)

Looking back on all these pictures, I'm so grateful for all the memories I made on this trip. I love pulling up my camera whenever I get the chance. When I take a look at those shots, days, months and years from that time, it just brings back those exact moments and how happy we were, that’s my favorite thing about pictures. It reminds me of a special time. I hope I get to have even greater memories, I hope that you guys will too. Love you all! Until the next adventure! :)




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