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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ipsy Glam Bags 2015

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted a blog in a while. I've been a little bit occupied studying for an upcoming exam. Anyway! I wanted to write a post about the past 3 glam bags I received from Ipsy! I've been wanting to write a review about the products and now I finally have a little bit of free time to do so. Hehe. 

I joined Ipsy on August 2015 and I must say, it is pretty exciting receiving a bag full of goodies every month. If you're like me and you enjoy make-up, you should definitely subscribe to them! When you first subscribe, they give you a little quiz which basically rules out what kind of products you like and will receive in your future glam bags. Each month, you get 5 products to try out. It's fun trying out new products in little sizes and I honestly think it's great because it gives you a chance to try them out before actually buying the actual size. It saves you money by letting you test out which products you love and ones that you don't, which I think is awesome :)

Down below are the three glam bags I received so far, and I particularly took shots of the products I loved from each glam bag :) Hope you guys enjoy!

August Glam Bag

I love this bag a lot,because it gives out an edgy yet girly vibe. So cute!

This eyeliner is my favorite thing ever. It doesn't smudge and it stays on all day. And it is so easy to apply!

I was never really into lip-glosses but I loved this one. The color is so pigmented and it leaves your lip shiny all day long! 

How pretty is this color? I was so happy when I received this nail polish. It has such a vibrant color and it stays on pretty well without chipping!

September Glam Bag 

Okay, how cute was the September glam bag though? I loved how elegant and sophisticated it looked.

If any of you have read my previous blog posts, then you'll know that this has been my fav moisturizing cream for the longest time! I was so happy to get it in this particular size because now I can use it when I travel and I don't have to grab some from the actual tub and transfer it to a container. Yey :)

This is the first eye-brow tint that I have ever used and I must say, it does a pretty good job filling in a few sparse areas in my brows!

October Glam Bag

The October glam bag was pretty simple, not one of my fav designs but it's still cute! :)

This brush is the softest eyeshadow brush I have ever owned. Not once did it shed and I love it so so much!!

This is currently what I have on my nails. I really like it. It's more of a midnight blue shade and it's so pretty!

Sorry for the way my nails look, I recently cut them way too short, but isn't that a beautiful color? :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you want me to do one on the November glam bag as well, I just got the email that it's on it's way to me! If you would like to subscribe to the Ipsy Glam Bag, the link to do so is down below, I definitely recommend you guys to try it out! See you guys soon. Love you! :)

Subscribe to Ipsy and receive a glam bag each month!



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