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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Bean ツ

Yesterday, I got the chance to explore Chicago and what other place to see other than the famous Bean! As I saw it for the first time, I literally stared at it for 2 mins straight and I thought to myself, Wow! I'm really looking at it, like, it's right in front of me! I remember just always seeing it in pictures and thinking to myself, hmm.. someday, someday. So, yesterday was really something for me ♡ We took some shots around the bean and one thing I loved about it, is the view behind it. Weird, I know. A lot of people love taking pictures around the bean but the view behind it just caught my eye. Gave me a feeling like I was in New York or something (Hmm.. someday, someday) Hehe. Anyway, here are a few shots I took yesterday, hope you guys enjoy them. 

And here's one thing I learned yesterday, that no matter how big your dreams or wishes are, there are times in your life you will feel like you can never reach or accomplish them, but you never know how close you are to those dreams. So, never lose that desire of dreaming big things or the impossible. Cause sometimes those things are always just right around the corner ♡ You are in charge of your own thoughts and you are NEVER the opinion of someone who doesn't know you, remember that always.

When you get to the bean and it's raining 

How beautiful are these buildings though?! 

Hope you guys enjoyed these pics! See you guys soon!!

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