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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Watson Wednesday ☾

Hii guys!

I was so torn whether I wanted today's post to be on Emma Watson or Shailene Woodley! I'm glad I stuck to my first choice, which was Emma Watson! :) In my opinion, Emma Watson's style is always put together and preppy, so I wanted to recreate my favorite looks of her. Enjoy!

1. A-Line

Emma's Outfit

(Out of Stock)
Gold Necklace
Gold Ring

Total = $1,505

This is such a cute outfit! I love how comfy and edgy it looks all together. Emma's top alone, is ridiculously expensive for such a plain blouse, get one similar to hers right here. Embroidered skirts are what's in this fall season, get one just like Emma's here. Chelsea boots are seen wore by almost all celebrities today! Get a pair of your own here! I couldn't figure out what necklace and ring Emma had on, but you could wear any necklace or ring you already own and that ties the whole look together!

Outfit Recreated

Button-down Shirt
A-Line Skirt
Zoe Western Chelsea Boots
Gold Necklace
Gold Ring

Total = $91.69

2. Black Overall

Emma's Outfit

(Out of Stock)
(Out of Stock)

Total = $698.50

Only a few celebrities can pull off wearing overalls and Emma is one of them! This looks is so simple yet in style. Once again, she wore a plain collared blouse, like this. Some black denim overalls, which can be purchased here, slip-on sneakers like these, and a pair of Wayfarer Sunnies similar to hers!

Outfit Recreated

White Collared Shirt
Black Denim Overall

Total = $119.22

3. Dark Side

Emma's Outfit

(Out of Stock)

Total = $3,435

This last outfit is perfect for all you ladies who love looking badass yet stylish! As you could tell, this was the most expensive outfit out of the three. Recreate this whole entire outfit for less by clicking the links below for each piece!

Outfit Recreated


Total = $136.38

I hope you guys enjoyed today's blog post! Definitely one of the easiest celebrity looks I've recreated. I enjoyed researching about Emma's style and I hope you guys did too! If you have any suggestions on which celebrity you would like me to recreate next, please leave them in the comment section below! See you guys tomorrow. Love you 


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