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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Selena Sunday ♡

Hi guys!

It's Sunday! Now, I have to admit that I got the idea for this day from the AwesomenessTV channel on Youtube. Hehe. So, thanks AwesomenessTV! :) It's Selena Sunday! I've honestly always loved Selena's choice of fashion and I love how she can go from being simple to being so elegant in a minute! Below are three outfits that I've chosen to recreate. Enjoy!

1. Keepin' It Casual

Selena's Outfit


Total = $3,371.43

This is the first outfit I chose because I thought it was super cute and comfy! Selena's top is a simple white collared shirt that costs a little above a $100. Here's an alternative to that for much less. For her bottoms, she had on a pair of denim shorts from Levi's, heres a similar one! As for Selena's bag, it was probably the most expensive item from her whole outfit. Here's a bag that looks a lot like hers! For Selena's shoes, I tried my best to look for a much cheaper alternative. I found a pair that's about $80, still a lot less than Selena's. :)

Outfit Recreated


Total = $148.32

2. Black Sleek

Selena's Outfit


Total = $2,700

When I saw this outfit, I was very excited to recreate it. I love the look of it and how clean and cut back Selena looks. For her top, Selena wore a Balmain Bi-Colour Cropped Jersey Top backwards! I found one that isn't quite the same color but pretty much the same design. Selena's wide leg trousers are definitely in style, you can find a very similar pair here! I picked out a pair of ankle boots that are so cute! There are a lot of Aviator inspired sunglasses in different stores today, here's a pair for less! In the picture I chose for Selena, you weren't able to see the bag she had on, but she had a Gucci Soho Disco Bag for $980! Pricey! Here's a bag with the similar color. :) 

Outfit Recreated


Total = $117.52

3. Afternoon Daze

Selena's Outfit


Total = $353.05

This outfit is definitely something I would wear! It's quite easy to recreate this whole entire outfit for less since all the pieces that Selena wore are found pretty much in any store :) Selena wore a a denim tie-up blouse from American Apparel, I was able to find something similar to hers here. You can find a pair of white jeans, jeggings or leggings anywhere these days for a more reasonable price, I wasn't able to find out where Selena's were from, but here's one similar to hers. Selena's shoes are definitely in style. Slip-ons are found in most stores, here's a pair that's super cute! Now, I wasn't sure what wallet/clutch Selena was carrying, but you could totally substitute it with any black wallet or clutch like this one. As for Selena's shades, they were quite expensive. I was able to find a pair very similar to Selena's. For fun, I wanted to throw in the exact Tumbler that Selena was carrying. Her tumbler is from Target and I love the color a lot! :)

Outfit Recreated


Total = $113.61

That's it for today's post, you guysss! I really enjoyed looking for all the pieces in this post and I hope you guys did too. :) Look out tomorrow for another celebrity recreated look! Love you! See you guys tomorrow. ♡


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