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Monday, August 3, 2015

Mitchell Monday ☼

Hello again, guys!

Yayy! I'ts Monday! As you can tell by the title of today's post, it's Mitchell Monday! Omg, I'm sooo excited about today's post. It was so much fun to recreate Shay's outfits, mostly because I love her sense in fashion! Her outfits are always on point and she looks flawless all the time! Below are three outfits I've chosen to recreate and I hope you enjoy them! 

1. A Day At The Beach

Shay's Outfit

(In Tortoiseshell)

Total = $108

Whaaat. Is that me? Hehe. Yes, it is! I realized while looking at Shay's photos that we both owned a striped romper. It's amazing how they look so much alike and I swear to you, that photo of me was taken before I stumbled upon Shay's! What a coincidence! Hehe. You can get the romper I had on, which looks exactly like Shay's right here for only $12.99, what a steal! You could wear any pair of sunglasses you like to finish off the look, here's one just like hers! 

Outfit Recreated


Total = $26.99

2. Fiery Flannel

Shay's Outfit

For Love & Lemons (Sold Out)
Gold Chain Necklace

Total = $1,099

I've wanted to recreate this outfit mostly because it's what's in at the moment! All the pieces in this outfit are in style, so you could find them pretty much anywhere. Black crop tops are found in almost all stores, here's one that's similar to Shay's. Denim shorts are a definite must in a girl's closet, get a pair here! You don't have to spend a ton of money for a good pair of over the knee boots, get a pair for much cheaper here. So, once again, flannels are a wardrobe statement piece, you can find one exactly like Shay's here. Top it off with a gorgeous piece of gold chain necklace and you're all set!

Outfit Recreated


Total = $108.85

3. Floral Queen

Shay's Outfit


Total = $405.70

Words cannot describe how much I love this look! I definitely see myself wearing this during the summer time. Floral rompers are very much in this season. I was able to find an exact romper just like what Shay had on for much cheaper! I love straw boater hats, get one right here. You could wear this with any white sandals you own but if you would like one similar to Shay's then click here! Aviator sunglasses, once again, are found in almost all stores. Get a pair for less here

Outfit Recreated


Total = $75.32 

That concludes today's post! I hope you guys had fun reading and getting ideas on how to recreate these looks for less. If you guys have any requests on any celebrity looks you would like me to recreate, please leave them in the comment section below! Tomorrow is probably my most exciting post ever, I'm obsessed with her and her style! Who do you guys think it is? What name could rhyme with Tuesday? Take your guesses. Hehe. See you guys tomorrow! Love you 



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