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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Grande-Saturday ♕

Heyy guys! 

This week on my blog, I am dedicating each day of the week to a celebrity and I'm going to recreate each of their outfits for less! :) To start off the week, it's Grande-Saturday! Here are some of my favorite outfits that were worn by the gorgeous, Ariana Grande. You might notice that the outfits I chose are pretty old, but I personally prefer Ariana's older style as compared to now. :) Enjoy!

1. Polka Dotty

Ariana's Outfit


Total = $125.00

For the first outfit, I really love the simplicity of it. I was able to find the exact matches for Ariana's top and skirt but I couldn't find where her heels were from. Anyway, I found a very similar top, which costs a whole lot less! As for her skirt, I found one that seems to match hers pretty well! Ariana was wearing some white loop earrings, unfortunately, I couldn't find out where they were from. Here's an alternative to having her earrings. Now, since I couldn't figure out where her heels were from, I found some pretty simple nude heels that would go perfect with the outfit! :)

Outfit Recreated


Total = $59.52

2. Cozy Comfy Chic

Ariana's Outfit


Total = $3,215.00

I think out of the three outfits I chose, this is the most expensive one worn by Ariana. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out where her sweater and jeans were from, but they're both plain, so you can pretty much find them anywhere! Here's the sweater and jeans that are very similar to Ariana's! A simple beanie will do as well. I love Ariana's pumps here, but it is really pricey! Here's a pair that are much more affordable. Lastly, Ariana's bag. Now, this is what makes the entire look expensive! You can find a bag that's the same color as Ariana's here.

Outfit Recreated


Total = $140.60

 3. Girly and Flirty

Ariana's Outfit


Total = $303.00

This is personally one of my favorite outfits of Ariana. Her top and bottom are both by Kenley Collins, pretty expensive. Here's a top and skirt, very similar to Ariana's for a lesser price! Her pumps were the most expensive item here. White pumps, like Ariana's, are so easy to find pretty much anywhere! Here's one that's super cute and super affordable! :)

Outfit Recreated


Total = $49.52

It has come to an end for today's post! Look out tomorrow and the whole week ahead for more celebrity recreated looks. :) Hope you guys enjoyed! See you beauties tomorrow! Love you  

Lala ☮

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