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Friday, August 7, 2015

Freestyle Friday! ∞

Heyy guyss!

It's the last day for this weeks blog post! I had so much fun recreating all the celebrity looks for you guys. Today, I wanted it to be a bit different. I didn't want to focus on one celebrity, so I named it, Freestyle Friday! Below are three different celebrity recreated looks, which, I think, you guys are gonna love! Enjoy 

1. Kendall Jenner

Kendall's Outfit

(Sold Out)
Céline Nano Luggage Tote 
(Not available online)
Chanel Espadrilles Flats 
(Not available online)

Total = $1,475

I love the way Kendall dresses! Don't we all? Hehe. She always looks so flawless in whatever she wears. I couldn't find an exact top blouse, like Kendall's, but heres one that's pretty cute, and resembles her blouse pretty well! Match it with a pair of cute jeans. Some Espadrille flats and sunnies for less! And a handbag, very similar to Kendall's, but in a different color! 

Outfit Recreated


Total = $70.39

2. Perrie Edwards

Perrie's Outfit


Total = $133.50

How cute does Perrie look in this outfit?! It's so simple to recreate this whole entire look for less. Get a crop top, similar to hers here! A white maxi skirt for cheap and any necklace or bracelet that you already own. If you're looking to purchase some, you can find a necklace and bracelet here! 

Outfit Recreated

Total = $50.92

3. Hayley Williams

Hayley's Outfit


Total = $286

Lastly, Hayley is one of my favorite human beings! I love how she can always pull off a weird, edgy and cute look! I picked this outfit because I love the shades in them. I couldn't find an " exact " pair like Hayley's top, but I found a color block blouse that looks quite similar. Overalls are making a comeback this season, get one right here! Hayley always rocks Dr. Martens boots, but if you don't wanna spend a ton of money on a pair, you can get these look a like Dr. Martens boots here! Don't forget to get a pair of black opaque stockings, and try to rip them slowly, to get the exact look like Hayley's! 

Outfit Recreated


Total = $67.03

Well, I guess this is it for this week's celebrity looks recreated for less! I hope you guys had as much fun as I did making this week's blog. Here's to many more to come!!! Love you guys a lot. 


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