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Friday, August 7, 2015

Freestyle Friday! ∞

Heyy guyss!

It's the last day for this weeks blog post! I had so much fun recreating all the celebrity looks for you guys. Today, I wanted it to be a bit different. I didn't want to focus on one celebrity, so I named it, Freestyle Friday! Below are three different celebrity recreated looks, which, I think, you guys are gonna love! Enjoy 

1. Kendall Jenner

Kendall's Outfit

(Sold Out)
Céline Nano Luggage Tote 
(Not available online)
Chanel Espadrilles Flats 
(Not available online)

Total = $1,475

I love the way Kendall dresses! Don't we all? Hehe. She always looks so flawless in whatever she wears. I couldn't find an exact top blouse, like Kendall's, but heres one that's pretty cute, and resembles her blouse pretty well! Match it with a pair of cute jeans. Some Espadrille flats and sunnies for less! And a handbag, very similar to Kendall's, but in a different color! 

Outfit Recreated


Total = $70.39

2. Perrie Edwards

Perrie's Outfit


Total = $133.50

How cute does Perrie look in this outfit?! It's so simple to recreate this whole entire look for less. Get a crop top, similar to hers here! A white maxi skirt for cheap and any necklace or bracelet that you already own. If you're looking to purchase some, you can find a necklace and bracelet here! 

Outfit Recreated

Total = $50.92

3. Hayley Williams

Hayley's Outfit


Total = $286

Lastly, Hayley is one of my favorite human beings! I love how she can always pull off a weird, edgy and cute look! I picked this outfit because I love the shades in them. I couldn't find an " exact " pair like Hayley's top, but I found a color block blouse that looks quite similar. Overalls are making a comeback this season, get one right here! Hayley always rocks Dr. Martens boots, but if you don't wanna spend a ton of money on a pair, you can get these look a like Dr. Martens boots here! Don't forget to get a pair of black opaque stockings, and try to rip them slowly, to get the exact look like Hayley's! 

Outfit Recreated


Total = $67.03

Well, I guess this is it for this week's celebrity looks recreated for less! I hope you guys had as much fun as I did making this week's blog. Here's to many more to come!!! Love you guys a lot. 


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thorne Thursday ✄

Hello there!

Welcome back to another celebrity recreated look! Today, I decided to honor Ms. Bella Thorne for my Thursday inspired look. Bella's fashion is always laid back and casual. She barely has to try hard to look great because she's just naturally beautiful. These looks are for you girls, who love to mix comfy and cute together! Enjoy 

1. Noon Date

Bella's Outfit

AllSaints Mast/Slashed Grey Jeans 
(Sold Out)
Chanel CC Crown Tote Bag 
(Sold Out)

Total = $1,350.34

I love this outfit if you're planning on going out for a lunch date or just to go shopping with your girlfriends. Pieces from this look are very common and below are the links where you can create this whole entire look for less! 

Outfit Recreated

Total = $113.06

2. Running Errands

Bella's Outfit


Total = $366

This look is perfect for those days when you just want to throw something on without even thinking about it. Perfect for running errands! Bella wore a cardigan and tank top both from Brandy Melville. You can get the exact same pieces like hers from the links above. But if you're looking for pieces similar to hers but cheaper, here's a cardigan and tank top for ya! Grab a pair of distressed jeans like Bella's here. Tie the whole look with a classic pair of black converse!

Outfit Recreated


Total = $101.83

3. Summer Festival 

Bella's Outfit


Total = $166

I know festival season is almost gone, but I thought this look would be fun to recreate. I couldn't find an exact romper like Bella's, but I found one right here, that has similar pattern and detailing like hers, but it does have sleeves. Now, if you do wear the romper that I picked out, it's best not to wear a bralette with it, but if you do want one like Bella's, you could get it here! I'm not sure where her accessories were from but you could pair it with any silver layered necklace like this and a set of bangles like these. Lastly, Bella's shoes. Get one similar to hers for cheap here

Outfit Recreated


Total = $61.36

Hope you guys enjoyed today's blog post! Sadly, tomorrow is my last post for this week's Celebrity Recreated Looks :( But not to worry, there's plenty more posts to come and if you guys have any ideas on what you would like me to blog about, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comment section below! Thank you guys for taking your time to read my blog and I hope you guys enjoyed it! See you all tomorrow. Love you ツ

Lala ☮

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Watson Wednesday ☾

Hii guys!

I was so torn whether I wanted today's post to be on Emma Watson or Shailene Woodley! I'm glad I stuck to my first choice, which was Emma Watson! :) In my opinion, Emma Watson's style is always put together and preppy, so I wanted to recreate my favorite looks of her. Enjoy!

1. A-Line

Emma's Outfit

(Out of Stock)
Gold Necklace
Gold Ring

Total = $1,505

This is such a cute outfit! I love how comfy and edgy it looks all together. Emma's top alone, is ridiculously expensive for such a plain blouse, get one similar to hers right here. Embroidered skirts are what's in this fall season, get one just like Emma's here. Chelsea boots are seen wore by almost all celebrities today! Get a pair of your own here! I couldn't figure out what necklace and ring Emma had on, but you could wear any necklace or ring you already own and that ties the whole look together!

Outfit Recreated

Button-down Shirt
A-Line Skirt
Zoe Western Chelsea Boots
Gold Necklace
Gold Ring

Total = $91.69

2. Black Overall

Emma's Outfit

(Out of Stock)
(Out of Stock)

Total = $698.50

Only a few celebrities can pull off wearing overalls and Emma is one of them! This looks is so simple yet in style. Once again, she wore a plain collared blouse, like this. Some black denim overalls, which can be purchased here, slip-on sneakers like these, and a pair of Wayfarer Sunnies similar to hers!

Outfit Recreated

White Collared Shirt
Black Denim Overall

Total = $119.22

3. Dark Side

Emma's Outfit

(Out of Stock)

Total = $3,435

This last outfit is perfect for all you ladies who love looking badass yet stylish! As you could tell, this was the most expensive outfit out of the three. Recreate this whole entire outfit for less by clicking the links below for each piece!

Outfit Recreated


Total = $136.38

I hope you guys enjoyed today's blog post! Definitely one of the easiest celebrity looks I've recreated. I enjoyed researching about Emma's style and I hope you guys did too! If you have any suggestions on which celebrity you would like me to recreate next, please leave them in the comment section below! See you guys tomorrow. Love you 


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Taylor Tuesday ✿

Hiii guys!

Today is Tuesday, so what better celebrity to match the day with other than the queen herself, Miss Taylor Swift. I personally love (like really really love) Taylor's style this past year! Her style has definitely changed through out the years and I have to say that this year, she is definitely killing it! :) Here are some of my favorite outfits by Taylor that I've recreated. Enjoy!

1. Classy White

Taylor's Outfit

Total = $1,551.50

This is probably one of my favorite outfits, particularly because I am so in love with her pumps! Blue is my favorite color and I feel that her pumps definitely made her outfit pop! Here's a much cheaper alternative to Taylor's pumps. Taylor wore a beautiful white romper from Bloomingdales, which is ridiculously expensive! Here's an alternative to her romper :) Since the romper I chose doesn't come with a belt, I managed to find one that could match the outfit perfectly :) Lastly, is Tay's bag. Not every one could afford a designer handbag, so here's one that super cute and definitely matches the color of Taylor's bag!

Outfit Recreated


Total - $152.23

2. Green State

Taylor's Outfit

 Elie Saab Bag
No longer available online

Total = $1,097.00

Taylor is well known for her matching sets this year! For this one, Taylor was wearing a matching blazer and shorts both from Missguided, which is not that expensive. I found the exact same blazer on misguided on sale! :) As for the shorts, it is no longer available on the website but they do have a matching print skirt, which is on sale too. If wearing a skirt isn't your style, you can match it a pair of black high-waisted shorts found here! I didn't include Taylor's tank top when I calculated her outfit but here's one from Forever 21 for a great price! :) As for Taylor's bag, the one she had was by Elie Saab but I couldn't find the price online, here's one similar to it. Lastly, Taylor's suede point-toe pumps Once again, I love her choice in shoes but the pair she wore cost a lot. Here's a very similar one just like Taylor's.

Outfit Recreated


Total = $95.59

3. Sweet Rose

Taylor's Outfit


Total = $971.00

This is one of Taylor's festival looks, super cute, super cheap :) Found a dress similar to Taylor's here! A cardigan just like hers for a much affordable price! For her sandals, I tried looking for something just like it, but I couldn't find the exact same color as hers. But here's one quite similar that's just as cute. I found a headband as well, just to get the complete look! :)

Outfit Recreated


Total = $108.70

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and look out tomorrow for another celebrity recreated  looks. :) Love you!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Mitchell Monday ☼

Hello again, guys!

Yayy! I'ts Monday! As you can tell by the title of today's post, it's Mitchell Monday! Omg, I'm sooo excited about today's post. It was so much fun to recreate Shay's outfits, mostly because I love her sense in fashion! Her outfits are always on point and she looks flawless all the time! Below are three outfits I've chosen to recreate and I hope you enjoy them! 

1. A Day At The Beach

Shay's Outfit

(In Tortoiseshell)

Total = $108

Whaaat. Is that me? Hehe. Yes, it is! I realized while looking at Shay's photos that we both owned a striped romper. It's amazing how they look so much alike and I swear to you, that photo of me was taken before I stumbled upon Shay's! What a coincidence! Hehe. You can get the romper I had on, which looks exactly like Shay's right here for only $12.99, what a steal! You could wear any pair of sunglasses you like to finish off the look, here's one just like hers! 

Outfit Recreated


Total = $26.99

2. Fiery Flannel

Shay's Outfit

For Love & Lemons (Sold Out)
Gold Chain Necklace

Total = $1,099

I've wanted to recreate this outfit mostly because it's what's in at the moment! All the pieces in this outfit are in style, so you could find them pretty much anywhere. Black crop tops are found in almost all stores, here's one that's similar to Shay's. Denim shorts are a definite must in a girl's closet, get a pair here! You don't have to spend a ton of money for a good pair of over the knee boots, get a pair for much cheaper here. So, once again, flannels are a wardrobe statement piece, you can find one exactly like Shay's here. Top it off with a gorgeous piece of gold chain necklace and you're all set!

Outfit Recreated


Total = $108.85

3. Floral Queen

Shay's Outfit


Total = $405.70

Words cannot describe how much I love this look! I definitely see myself wearing this during the summer time. Floral rompers are very much in this season. I was able to find an exact romper just like what Shay had on for much cheaper! I love straw boater hats, get one right here. You could wear this with any white sandals you own but if you would like one similar to Shay's then click here! Aviator sunglasses, once again, are found in almost all stores. Get a pair for less here

Outfit Recreated


Total = $75.32 

That concludes today's post! I hope you guys had fun reading and getting ideas on how to recreate these looks for less. If you guys have any requests on any celebrity looks you would like me to recreate, please leave them in the comment section below! Tomorrow is probably my most exciting post ever, I'm obsessed with her and her style! Who do you guys think it is? What name could rhyme with Tuesday? Take your guesses. Hehe. See you guys tomorrow! Love you 

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