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Monday, June 8, 2015

My Braces Experience

Since a while back, I've always wondered when would be the right time for me to have my braces. I probably had the idea of having braces when I was in my first year of college. I asked my mom when she would like me to have them and she always said "Not right now. Maybe after your brother and sister finish with theirs." I understood that my mom had a lot to handle at that time, having three kids in college and paying for our expenses studying abroad, I didn't want to complain or nag her about it, so I just said to myself, maybe later. Soon after I graduated from College, I still didn't get my braces and honestly, it really didn't bother me not having them. But, I significantly remember a moment in my life where I was sitting in the back seat of my mom's car, looking out the window (dramatic I know, but true :P ) and I asked her if now would be the right time for me to get my braces since my brother and sister were done with their treatment, and she said "Well, now that you have a job, you can save up for it and get them yourself." I understood her point, but in that moment I remembered thinking that possibly by the age of 24, I would have saved up enough money, and maybe then, finally get my braces. 

After working in a clinic for about a year, I decided I needed a change. I applied to various jobs (not thinking that I would be hired in any) and I remember sending my resume online to a dental clinic right before going to bed. As I woke up the next morning, to my surprise, I got a response from the dental clinic asking me to come in for an interview. Cutting the long story short, I was hired! About 4 months in, I was blessed to finally have my braces! My treatment took about a year and 6 months, but I had them removed in about a year, since I had to be out of the country for a long period of time. 

It's funny how fast life can change in about a year! Never in my wildest dream did I expect to have my braces on and off this soon and on top of that not spend anything for it. I am blessed beyond words for having my Orthodontist fix my teeth and his assistant for always being there for me :) No words can describe how thankful I am for all they've done for me and I will always be grateful for them!

This comes to show that whatever you want in life, if you are not getting it right now, wait. There is a time for everything and everything works out in the right time! If there is something out there that you want in life, you have to work for it. Because nothing worth having comes easy :)

Here's my braces journey in pictures, enjoy! :)

My sister snapped this shot as I was getting my brackets placed :) You could see how my laterals were a bit popping out and no in their proper shape. I know, my face is pretty attractive in this one :P

Here's the first picture I took after putting the braces on!

Here's the reason why I had to have braces. My lower centrals were really bothering me. I hated having them in unequal heights!

Process of gluing the bracket to your teeth. Here's my beautiful co-worker, Jeanne, helping me out! 

First shot after having the lower brackets cemented! :)

8 months in and this is how much my lower teeth improved!

Jeanne is an expert in tying my elastics and giving them an artsy look! :)

Here's how my teeth looked 11 months in! :)

Last picture taken before I had them taken out!

Here's the result of having 1 year of braces :) I'm pretty happy about it and sooo satisfied and grateful!!

After taking the brackets out, your teeth are gonna feel a bit weird since you got so used to having your upper and lower lips resting on the brackets and then having them rest back on your teeth! Hence, my reaction in this shot :P

Possibly the best Orthodontist I have ever met :) Thank you, Dr. Sherif for giving me a smile that I'm gonna wear for a lifetime! I will forever be grateful for you!

Here are my x-ray's before, during and after my Ortho treatment :)




Just wanted to give huge thank you to the ladies I worked with at the clinic, who are not just my co-workers, but my sisters! Thank you for always helping me out, being there and for just being yourselves :) I love you guys!

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