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Monday, December 15, 2014

Qout Market: December 2014

I'm so excited to blog about my experience last Saturday! I finally got the chance to go to the Qout Market, an event that happens once during the 1st Saturday of every month. I came to know about this event from one of my best friends, Sarah. I got really excited to visit the place after she had told me lots about it.

Qout Market is basically like a farmers market, they sell various things that are organic and healthy. They offer lots of food and many handmade and artsy things such as necklaces, mason jars, plants, flowers, books and more!

As the day finally stepped in, my sister, brother and I decided to attend the event pretty early a.k.a when it actually opened. The market was held at the roof top of Al-Raya Shopping Center. The sun was bright and the weather was just perfect for a day to explore and discover new things!

You just might find me there! ;)

I found it very amusing just looking at all the things people were selling. What I loved most about it is that, everything was unique. The items that were sold were all pieces that I've never seen anywhere else before. I guess that's what makes the Qout Market special. You find things you don't expect to find regularly. More so, it's like your finding antique things. Antique in a way that you could find things that no one would ever have :)

As for the prices, I would say that some of the things that were being sold in the market were pretty high-end. Items would range from 5kd above. 

I guess my favorite part about the market is the food... obviously :P Most of the food that was being sold were organic and healthy. I love having a good meal that's super delicious and healthy at the same time. Makes you feel less guilty if you want to have some more ;) I loved the drinks they were selling too! I started the day off with one of the pressed juice from Juiced called Lemogranate Juice. It had quite a bitter taste but it was just right to start off my day! I would have to say though, that my favorite drink that I had there was the Almond Milk from Purple Sunflowers, it was very light, refreshing and sweet all at the same time! :)

My brother definitely enjoyed all the samples that were offered at the market! :)

Shout out to the guys at the Zain photo booth for providing free photos at their photo booth for all the people who came! :) Here's our shots!

How gorgeous are these flowers?!! <3

For lunch, I had this delicious breakfast burrito (breakfast, I know hehe) I'm not lying when I say that this was the best burrito I have ever had! The tortilla was home made as well as the beef chorizo inside! The booth was called Solo Tacos. Here's the link to their website and you can find the address on there if you ever happen to find yourself in Kuwait City craving for some delicious burritos and tacos ;)

I only got to purchase a single thing and it was this mason jar. I've been wanting one of these for way too long and I was so excited when I found this one! It was around 5kd if I'm not mistakes :) There were other colorful mason jars as well, which were so cute and they were about 7-8kd each. This booth was called Gypsy Souls and they had a ton of gorgeous things! Here is the link to their Instagram, in case any of you guys are interested in buying their stuff :) 

Before leaving the market, we had one of the hotdog from " Juicy Wieners ". It wasn't really my favorite, I felt the bread was too dry and I wasn't a fan of their choices of toppings, but the hotdog itself was really good! Their sweet potato fried strips were pretty good too!

These candles are all handmade and the lady that sold them said that it takes about 30mins to an hour to make each one. She also mentioned that you have to be quick in order to create their unique designs since wax sets pretty quick :) These candles are so beautiful and gorgeous at the same time!

At around 1pm, they had a band play some really good music! :)

Look out next month, January 3rd for their next event! See you guys there ;)



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