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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I was originally going to include this in my October Favorites post but I just wanted to make an entire one dedicated to this album. 

Hmm.. where do I start? I've been a fan of Taylor Swift's music since her Speak Now album. I've gotten to know more about her through my best friend, Kim, who is basically a Taylor fanatic! :) Since then, my love and interest in Taylor's music has gotten bigger throughout the years. I loved the way she sends out a message to the world about her feelings through a song. What makes Taylor's writing really unique, is that she somehow knows what you are going through and she puts them into lyrics. It's like she wrote the song just for you! 

Out of all the albums Taylor put out, I would have to say that this truly is my favorite by far. 1989 is so different from her previous albums. She takes on the 80's vibe of music and makes it feel like your living the beauty of the past in the future.

What makes this album so special, is that, Taylor included 13 polaroids. There are 5 different sets (65 different poloroids in all)! Scroll down to see my set of polaroids from the digital album! 

Like any other Swift album, Taylor always includes a message for her fans in the beginning pages of her cd booklet. My all time favorite would have to be the message in her Fearless album! But I am so inlove with her message in the 1989 album. Just like Taylor, I feel too that I have grown up and many things about me and life have changed. And I love how she said that change happens to everyone. My first ever post on this blog was about change and that really hit me when I read what Taylor wrote.

I purchased the album on iTunes and here are the screen shots I took of the album. Enjoy!

Blank Space would have to be my second fav track on this album. The lyrics are just beautiful and no one can put the words together like Taylor did in this song! SO GOOD!!

Style has to be my FAVORITE song in the entire album. I love the lyrics, I love the beat, I love the melody of it, everything about it I love :) The lyrics in this song makes me think of only one person. I mean, I can't be the only one who thinks that this song was written about Harry Styles. To point out first, the title of the song, Style. Second she talks about a guy who has long hair and wears a white t-shirt. I mean, I know it could be about anyone but come on, it is about Harry Styles ;) None the less, I love love love this song!!

Shake It Off is like the twin of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together! I say this because it's one of those songs that just stays stuck in your head and no matter how many times it gets played, you still wanna dance to the beat whilst singing every word! :)

Bad blood is also one of my favs! It has such a good beat to it. It's one of those songs you wanna sing with your girlfriends when you hang out or have a sleepover! A lot of rumors say that Taylor wrote this song about Katy Perry but we don't know for sure just yet ;)

How You Get The Girl. I remember hearing this song, for the first time, in one of Taylor's Coke commercials and I asked my sister "Do you think that's one of Taylor's new song from the album?" And of course, it was! I love the melody of this song, it's very upbeat and lively.

Traditionally, Taylor included hidden messages in her lyrics, but this time, she made it a bit different. She didn't leave clues on who the song was written about, like her other albums, but a story. Here is the combination of hidden messages within Taylor's lyrics..

We begin our story in New York. There once was a girl known by everyone and no one. Her heart belonged to someone who couldn't stay. They loved each other recklessly. They paid the price.
She danced to forget him. He drove past her street each night. She made friends and enemies. He only saw her in his dreams. Then one day he came back. Timing is a funny thing. And everyone was watching. She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything. :)

My set of polaroids that came with the digital album :)

Hope you guys enjoyed and go grab yourself a copy of the 1989 album! You won't regret it, I promise :)



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